The MUHC COE AD is a training site for medical students, dermatology residents, and physician learners. If you are a clinician interested in visiting the clinic and its institutional setting, please contact [email protected] for more information, including an overview of the information required to submit a request (this includes immunization records, a copy of the candidate’s medical license, and a copy of their passport +/- VISA requirements (if there are no visa requirements then any government photo ID will suffice).

Adult AD Patient Cohort

The MUHC COE AD is now home to the largest Canadian academic cohort of adult AD patients consenting to REB-approved research. The ‘Dermatitis’ biobank and database is operated in collaboration w the Transdisciplinary Centre for Biological Therapies (Drs. Mazer and McCusker) for banking. The REB-approved ‘Crosstalk - Unraveling the Crosstalk of Cutaneous Resident Memory T Cells and S. Aureus in Atopic Eczema’ has approximately ~25% participation in biosampling.

Subject recruitment is performed on-site at the MUHC COE AD by two Clinical Research Coordinators. Clinical and longitudinal data is collected and entered into the database in real time. Data can be retrieved, visualized, and exported to address scientific questions.

Highlights from this cohort were presented at the 2022 Society for Investigative (SID) Annual Meeting in Portland, OR (“Health-related quality of life in a Canadian atopic dermatitis cohort”).

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